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by FlashGirls on October 18, 2015

We know that sleep deprivation not only contributes to serious health hazards but also reportedly costs American corporations an estimate $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity!  Is this you?

If so, we found a great Escape The Heat this week – three incredible sleep retreats that can be tailored to you by Health and Fitness Travel. All three involve traveling abroad – so they’re not exactly a cheap way to catch up on some needed sleep – but they all teach you habits to bring home with you so you will sleep better.

  1. Travel to Spain and head to SHA Sleep Well Retreat.  They offer the latest in Western diagnostic techniques and personalized therapies and treatments to solve your individual wellness issues and improve sleep habits. Through a series of expert consultations and holistic treatments, such as acupuncture and reflexology, your body will learn new ways to relax and return to a normal sleeping pattern. You will receive a personalized health plan on departure with diet and exercise advice, so you leave with an improved idea of how to permanently dispel your sleep disorder. Seven night program priced from $3,825 (double) and $4,327 (single). Book here!
  2. Now we’re onto Thailand and the Kamalaya Sleep Enhancement Retreat.  They promise you’ll return home to a good night’s sleep having combated any specific wellness issues. The retreat is available as a 5, 7 or 9 night stay and the entire experience is designed help you de-stress and leave you with an enhanced and healthier lifestyle, which will eliminate any further sleep problems all while enjoying a luxury spa holiday.  Five, seven and nine night packages available from $3,525 per person (double) and $4010 per person (single)  Click here for more information.
  3. And finally, try the Sweet Dreams in Ibiza with the 38 Degrees North Deep Sleep & Relax retreat (shown above). Here, you’ll learn new ways to relax and rejuvenate on this wellness holiday with a personalized sleep program for enhanced nutrition, well-being and peace of mind. You’ll receive a session with a personal trainer to find out ways to release stress through fitness, therapeutic spa treatments, and massage, and complimentary access to all OF the spa, fitness facilities and classes.  THEIR PROMISE: By the end of your luxury spa break, you’ll feel an increased confidence, self-awareness and ability to balance a busy lifestyle, all key components of a good night’s sleep.  Six night packages priced from $2180 (double) and $2,073 (single).  Find more information here.