Kelly & Dee’s Top 5 Escape the Heat Ideas

1. Adult Coloring Books During the first FlashGirls show, Kelly found adult coloring books to be a creative outlet and a way for uptight individuals to find calm in the detailed, color-filled activity.  Artist Johanna Basford took the coloring book... Read More

Published on October 25th

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We know that sleep deprivation not only contributes to serious health hazards but also reportedly costs American corporations an estimate $63.2 billion a year in lost productivity!  Is this you? If so, we found a great Escape The Heat this... Read More

Published on October 18th

Laughter Yoga – Really!

Laughter yoga involves laughing for no reason, through various laughter exercises, and yoga breathing. The founder of the American School of Laughter yoga says, “You may not lose fat, but you will lose the idea that you’re fat.” We love... Read More

Published on October 11th