Kelly & Dee’s Top 6 Sizzling Finds

1. Dee’s first, and possibly favorite of all, is the Disney Interactive Magic Wand. What can possibly make you feel better than waving a pink wand that says things such as ‘You’re as pretty as a princess!” And “Dreams really... Read More

Published on October 25th

Grab Some ZZZZZ’s with SleepPhones

SleepPhones claim to be the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping and travel. Find out! The headphones are ultra-thin with high quality speakers embedded inside a soft, fleece headband.  Nothing goes inside your ear so they are comfortable to lay... Read More

Published on October 18th

Healthy Snacks Delivered To Your Door

This week’s sizzling find is a tasty one! delivers a personalized 8-snack box of delicious, nutritious snacks to your doorstep! They have over 100 of ready for you to try so if you or someone in your life is... Read More

Published on October 11th