Create A Giant Inspiration Board

Idea Paint helps you turn a room or a wall into one big gigantic white board. There is white, but they even have a clear version so the walls can be painted with any color of house paint you choose.... Read More

Published on October 4th

Power panties and more!

To calm your nerves, have you ever had someone tell you to imagine everyone in their underwear before you had to give a presentation before a large audience?  Our Sizzling Find this week is a bit of a twist on... Read More

Published on September 27th

FlashGirls bring you “Bits of Love” this week!

Bits of Love is a unique jewelry line that uses fun words for wearable inspiration.  The founder, Cheryl Laughlin, loves writing and words, and she’s turned her passion into this fun and fashionable collection that boasts words to kick start... Read More

Published on September 20th