Grab Some ZZZZZ’s with SleepPhones

by FlashGirls on October 18, 2015

SleepPhones claim to be the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping and travel. Find out!

The headphones are ultra-thin with high quality speakers embedded inside a soft, fleece headband.  Nothing goes inside your ear so they are comfortable to lay on and to wear to bed.  Their customers use these to listen to relaxing music, audio books, meditation tracks, etc.  These are perfect for blocking out the sounds of a snoring bed partner.  They’ve actually had people write in to tell them that sleepphones helped save their marriage!

You may have seen these products in the press, on The Today Show or Dr. Oz, even on The Weather Channel. We’re excited to try these, and they even have a cooler “breeze” fabric… Perfect for hot sleepers.

They have a few different models you can find on their website and one of our listeners will win a SleepPhones Microphone valued at $59.95 through this week’s Featured Giveaway.

Prices range from 39.95 up to $99.95 for a wireless model and if you’re a runner, consider their RunPhones which come with a moisture-wicking headband for running and working out.

Visit their website here