Kelly & Dee’s Top 6 Sizzling Finds

by FlashGirls on October 25, 2015

1. Dee’s first, and possibly favorite of all, is the Disney Interactive Magic Wand. What can possibly make you feel better than waving a pink wand that says things such as ‘You’re as pretty as a princess!” And “Dreams really do come true.?” Pick one up for $49.99 here.

2. Kelly loved finding Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing Primer after learning about the product from beauty expert, Karol Young Mose.  Kelly says it’s “almost like spackle for your skin, but it won’t clog or cause blemishes.” It’s available for approximately $16 at many retail makeup counters and here.

3. Dee chose IdeaPaint because creating a giant inspiration board on her wall sounded like a perfect way to bring her brainstorms to life. The paint is available in white or clear, if you prefer to leave the wall a color.  The kit costs about $200-225 to cover 50 square feet.  Their app, “Bounce by IdeaPaint” allows you to photograph and share your white board wall before you erase it.  Find it here (NEW WINDOW LINK:

4. Kelly cannot sleep with ANY sounds. Mouse farts included. So SleepPhones are one of her top Sizzling Finds.  SleepPhones have tiny microphones inside a stretchy headband and they allow you to listen to white noise or music to ensure outside sounds don’t disturb your sleep. SleepPhones range from $39.95 – $99.95, and they even offer breeze (breathable) fabrics for FlashGirls!  Find them here. Enter to win the SleepPhones Microphone as the Featured Giveaway this week!

5. Channel your inner superhero! Dee found that a Wonder Woman Corset or other super hero undergarments could boost her confidence, and yours!  (Wear dark clothing, however, if you don’t want to be discovered.) FlashGirls everywhere…go forth and conquer!  This sizzling find can be found here.

6. Kelly and Dee LOVE to dance, and when relationship rejuvenator Midori Verity offered tips to improve our sex lives, we found a story that said slow dancing was a sure-fire way to get your sexy on.  We found that many Arthur Murray Dance Studios around the nation offer a free first dance class.  Surely you can get your partner to join you on the dance floor for a 30-minute spin. Think Tango. Salsa. Shake it up!  Find a studio near you here and connect again.